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Friday bar nights at Kalev on Jeffcott (Estonian House) have been great successes due to those who attend. We have had many regulars and guests from overseas attending Friday nights. It has truly become a multicultural event.
Also at the bar, after choir and folk dancing, we often have a BBQ with meat and salads where everyone has been bringing something along for the table to share amongst each other.

Bar prices – Are we cheap or what?
Come and visit Kalev on Jeffcott for some of the cheapest alcohol prices in Adelaide.
With beers ranging in price from – Coopers Light $3.50 right up to Saku Kuld 0.5l for $7.00, in between this, we have a range of 20 beers available to suit everyone’s taste.
Soft drinks, mixers and juices are available from $2.00.
Wines both red and white are sourced from local wineries and range from house red at $3.00 a glass right up to $50.00 a bottle for a Travis Earth red. White wines from Rose, Riesling and Chardonnay and a red and white sparkling are available, all at more than reasonable prices.
We also have available, traditional Estonian vodka, beers, ciders and liqueurs.

Pub Nights – Kalev on Jeffcott is open for our very successful Pub Nights. Check the events calendar for the next ones! If you are available, please come and join us for a wonderful night of fun and frivolity.
Please feel free to come and meet our friendly and obliging staff at Kalev on Jeffcott in North Adelaide.

Free water is also available at the bar as the Estonian Hall Social Club Inc. supports responsible drinking.

Recommended by Täitse Prõua! Aka Tom Sarapuu

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