Council of Estonian Societies in Australia

The Council is elected by the annual Assembly of representatives of Estonian Organisations in Australia (held in late December or early January), and meets monthly.
The Council resides in turn in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Currently, the council resides in Sydney

The aims of the Council are:

  • to coordinate activities of the Estonian community organisations in Australia in their pursuit of the preservation and advancement of Estonian culture and heritage,
  • to supply humanitarian aid to Estonia; and
  • to act as a centre for distribution of information and aid to the community organisations.

The Executive

  • AESL2015
  • Chairman Maie Barrow
  • Vice-Chairman Sulev Kalamäe
  • Vice-Chairman Krista Ford
  • Secretary Mihkel Ilp
  • Assistant Secretary Pille Pűvendi
  • Minutes Secretary Taimi Nurm
  • Treasurer Aino Matwisyk
  • Fundraising coordinator Imbi Semmelweis
  • Cultural Affairs coordinator Madis Alvre
  • Youth Affairs coordinator Martin Virveste
  • Special projects Lembit Suur

AESL 2015

Front row Sulev Kalamäe, Maie Barrow, Krista Ford, Taimi Nurm
Second row Mihkel Ilp. Lembit Suur, Aino Matwisyk, Imbi Semmelweis, Pille Püvendi, Madis Alvre, Martin Virveste.


AESL PO Box 492
Darlinghurst NSW 1300
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