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For anyone planning on returning to Estonia soon via Singapore or Hong Kong, please be aware that if it entails transiting AND changing airlines in Singapore or Hong Kong, you will not be able to board the flight out of Australia. Rules are changing frequently, so always check with your travel agent.

My visa is expiring, what should I do?

  • Everyone visiting Australia is required to hold a valid visa to stay in Australia. If your visa is about to expire, then you MUST apply for a new visa BEFORE your current visa expires.
  • If your visa has a "No further stay" condition - which includes conditions 8503, 8534 and 8535 - then you request from the Department of Home Affairs to waive that condition to apply for a new visa in Australia. You will need to apply for the waiver request at least 2 months before the expiry of your visa to allow yourself enough time to get a response from the Department of Home Affairs and also apply for a new visa to stay in Australia.
  • If you are currently a holder of a visitor visa, then you MUST apply for a new visa in Australia before the travel period on your visitor visa expires.
  • If your working holiday visa is running out, and you need to or have to remain in Australia, you may need to take out a Bridging Visa from Home Affairs. With this visa, you can: stay lawfully in Australia until your substantive visa application is finally determined, or where granted in association with judicial review, until those proceedings are completed. You must not allow any visa to run out if you are remaining in Australia, for whatever reason.
  • If you need further assistance with a visas, you may contact KG Migration.
  • Important information for temporary and backpacker visa holders (04.04.2020)
Remember: DO NOT allow your visa to expire while you are in Australia

I want to go back to Estonia as soon as possible

What if I have both an Australian passport and Estonian passport and I want to leave?

Australian citizens and permanent residents cannot travel overseas due to COVID-19 restrictions. Dual nationals, or foreign nationals with permanent residency status in Australia, need to secure an exemption from the Australian Border Force Commissioner before they can leave Australia, even if using the passport of their other nationality.

Individuals can apply online for an exemption on the Department of Home Affairs website .

Applications should include as much detailed information and supporting documentation as possible. For example, individuals should include proof that they do not usually reside in Australia through evidence of working arrangements, school/university enrolments or property ownership.

The application should include other compelling and compassionate grounds as appropriate, including details on the reasons compelling the individual to travel – for example, care for elderly parents who live overseas, other family circumstances or medical issues. Any supporting documentation to verify family relationships and other claims will help to strengthen their case.

Temporary Visa Holders

The Department of Home Affairs website continues to be updated with information for foreign citizens in Australia on temporary visas. As an Estonian national, you are encouraged to keep checking this website.

The type of visa a person can apply for to remain in Australia depends largely on the type of visa they currently hold. For example, those on Visitor visas would be expected to apply for new Visitor visas. Those with Student visas should apply for new Student visas six weeks before their current visas expire; if their study is ending, however, they can apply for a Visitor visa to remain lawfully in Australia until they can depart. The situation for Working Holiday visa holders is more complex: options will take into account how long the person has already been here and where they are working. In all cases, normal visa application charges must be paid.

Temporary visa holders who are working in critical sectors such as healthcare and agriculture, and those who are unable to leave Australia and are not eligible to apply for another visa to remain lawfully, may apply for a Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visa. They can only do so when their current visa has fewer than 28 days of validity left or their last substantive visas ceased fewer than 28 day before. No application fee is payable for this visa. More information is on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Australian visas are managed electronically through individuals’ IMMI accounts and visa holders are expected to manage their own visa affairs. However, if missions become aware of particular cases that are proving difficult to resolve, they may refer these cases to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will seek advice from the Department of Home Affairs.

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Should you require information with regard to Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support,
please contact Services Australia on 132 011 to talk through specific cases.

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